Please be advised that that Iroquois Falls Family Health Team will be offering the following program via the Ontario Telehealth Network.


Attendees learn the principles of mindfulness meditation, the importance of living in the moment, and the power of now, and how these relate to suffering less pain. Mindfulness assists in remaining calmer and more pain controlled despite the challenges of everyday life, such as when interacting with family, friends, colleagues, employers and insurers. This can change the intensity of pain suffering, both emotional and physical, in a very positive way. Life skills are also enhanced in this course.

The program will host 13 weekly sessions on Mondays from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Iroquois Falls Family Health Team beginning September 16,2019.

For more information, or for a referral to this program, please contact the Iroquois Falls Family Health Team at 705-258-2818.


Check out this article!  We would like to congratulate Dr.Bruno and our patient on this National publication.



Iroquois Falls Family Health Team Open Forum

Some of the questions/comments from those in attendance:

  1. Why if the community was designated to have 5 physicians and we only have 3, and we have not been able to recruit, can we not transfer those dollars to fund an NP?

It was explained that physician dollars and NP dollars are 2 separate pockets of money and are not interchangeable.  We have put in several proposals to the MOH for another NP and have been repeatedly denied with no future funding in sight.  The FHT has tried to fill the gap by 2 physicians paying a second NP to work 3 days per week on a temporary basis.  Two delegations to town counsel for additional financial support were also denied.

  1. Why are some patients from outlying communities using our services?

At one time, we had a full complement of physicians who were accepting patients.  Some patients from nearby communities came in to enroll.

This also spilled over to hospital services, and why Matheson patients were coming to Iroquois Falls to do labs and DI.  The CEO addressed this portion of the question saying that patients are encouraged to use the facilities in their communities but cannot be forced.

  1. Have we approached other communities such as Cochrane and Matheson for financial support for the NP?

We have not.  I know that the town of Cochrane is supporting a Physician assistant for their community and we did not approach Matheson for funding.

  1. Do we have an acceptance of patients policy?

We follow CPSO guidelines and have accepted on a first come, first served basis.  Our physicians are no longer accepting patients as their practices are full however exceptions are made for those patients with complex and chronic health needs.

  1. Do doctors have to cover clinic, ER, and in patients or can they only do clinic?

Ideally, we would like to have the physician do it all but yes we would consider a physician who only wants to do clinic.  We presently have physicians doing only ER/hospital work.  The problem with recruiting for the clinic only is that a lot of the incentives offered to entice new physicians are tied to the hospital which does not leave us much to offer.

  1. Why does Dr. Chiang have to service Monteith Correctional Centre?

The jail is in our community and services need to be provided to the inmates.

  1. Why are some physicians taking care of South Centennial Manor and Villa Minto?

Matheson, Iroquois Falls and Cochrane are linked through the MICs Group of Health Services.  Our physicians also provide services for MICs and one is responsible for LTC which presently includes those 2 sites.

Positive comments received regarding the care received and appreciation for the FHT for doing their best to ensure services are maintained.

A comment about how past funding efforts by the community, raised the $500,000 for the building of the FHT and how the community should have a say in what goes on in the building and the running of the FHT because they raised that money. 

It was noted that yes the community did raise that money to build the building that housed the previous FHT. The FHT does have a physician led Board of Directors and that community does have an impact on the FHT through the Community Advisory Committee.  Community members can apply if they want a voice.    A comment was made stating that we should be grateful to Dr. Chiang and present staff for taking on the leadership and re-opening of a new FHT.  The building may have sat empty with no services available.  The statement received applause and agreement from the crowd.

All questions were answered.  The meeting ended after no more questions came forth.


“Same Day” appointments for this month:

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