Meet Sarah Dick Mental Health Worker

Meet Sarah, our Mental Health Worker at the Iroquois Falls Family Health Team. Sarah was born in Ottawa, raised in Arnprior and moved to Iroquois Falls two years ago to join our team. She completed her Bachelor of Science with a double major in Psychology and English/Creative Writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with an honours degree. During her degree she completed an interdisciplinary honours thesis integrating theoretical concepts from psychology, scriptotherapy, social work, and trauma theory to author a 30-page thesis offering a novel analysis of writing to process trauma for survivors of sexual violence through a feminist, anti-racist/anti-oppressive framework.
Sarah has training in cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive processing therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and group therapy. She is hoping to implement more group therapy in the near future to help make counselling more easily accessible for the community as well as create more opportunity for connection. She is currently working towards her Master’s degree through Windsor University’s Social Work for Working Professionals program. She offers in person and telephone appointments for ages 18 and up.
Sarah is passionate about lifestyle changes to improve well-being, a holistic patient centered approach to counselling, goal-setting to create sustainable change, and self-regulation through mindfulness practices and grounding techniques. Sarah has a specific interest in helping patient’s process traumatic or difficult life events as well lifestyle changes for those who struggle with ADHD.
She enjoys nature, running, writing & continuously learning.